Our Story

Our journey with tea began in pre-independent India, when we bought our first organic tea garden in Darjeeling. Today, we own many tea gardens across India and work closely with tea growing communities in these regions. Surrounded by the mighty Himalayan forests our tea gardens are magical places that are home to a luxuriance of flora and fauna. The elephants, birds, leopards, insects and reptiles are a huge part of our story and the reason we love what we do. We wanted to weave these incredible stories into the teas we make and felt the time was right for the birth of a fresh, aspirational and thoughtful tea brand. 

Tea forest is designed and crafted for tea consumers who seek a deeper connection with their purchases and are conscious and curious about how their tea is grown and produced. Our endeavour is to offer you these speciality organic teas along with insights on what distinguishes them and makes them unique. Each label in our collection represents what we love about the world we live in and we hope they’ll inspire you too.

About us

Organic Farming

Our 100% organic agricultural practices place tremendous emphasis on ecological balance in nature. We don’t use any chemical fertilisers or pesticides to combat pests. We believe that for every pest there is a predator insect that will help us restore balance again naturally. 


‘Artisan made’ defines our overall approach to business. Our tea pluckers and tea makers are highly skilled and are the very centre of our enterprise. We work collectively and collaboratively with them to handcraft small batches of high quality teas with a distinct flavour profile. 

Collective Farming

We are pioneers of the co-operative farming model in the tea industry.  Our tea farmers own individual land holdings and the tea production is managed collectively between us. This gives the tea farmers ownership, economic independence and social equity.